Vivian Cornelia Bradley

[James Byron, James Barefoot, James Banks, Thomas]

Born: 9 Jan 1908 at Trinidad, Henderson Co, TX

Married: to James Andrew Posey (later divorced)

  • Born: Kerens, Navarro Co, TX
  • Died:
  • Buried:
  • Find-a-Grave:

Married: Kerens, Navarro Co, TX to George Henton Boggus

  • Born: 27 May 1902
  • Died: 11 Sept 1973
  • Buried: Trinidad City Cemetery, Trinidad, Henderson Co, TX
  • Find-a-Grave: 40114460


Died: 24 Apr 1986 at Longview, Gregg Co, TX

Buried: Trinidad City Cemetery, Trinidad, Henderson Co, TX


  1. Living Posey (F, 1929, TX)





2 Responses to Vivian Cornelia Bradley

  1. Mary Lou Posey Lock says:

    I am the daughter of Vivian Cornelia Bradley Boggus. She was married before George Boggus to James Andrew Posey from Kerens, Navarro, Texas, USA. As of right now I don’t have their date of marriage or date of devorce but I will send it when I get it. I am the one who sent the picures of George and Louise and Vivian and Louise and Bill, Doris and Vivian. I was born in Dallas, Tx. 31 Aug. 1929 and am married to James Curtis Lock. We have two children a daughter and son and five grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren. I can’t tell you how proud I am of what you are doing here. I tried to start this early on but gave out on it. Keep up the good work. I spent many hours with Uncle George Bradley after he got sick and lost his legs. He made hotpads and worked puzzles and then he built his car and became a taxi driver. He suffered so much and would be proud to know all his son and grandson is doing.

  2. Sure, Mary Lou! I know who you are! Thanks for the kind words, and I’ll update this page with James Andrew Posey’s info as soon as I can get to it. Thanks for the info and I hope you’re doing well!


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