Peter Cassidy Bradley

[James Banks, Thomas]

Born: 1 Jan 1853 in Spring Hill, SC

Married: 22 Aug 1876 in Morgan Co, AL to Sarah “Sallie” Elizabeth Thompson (sister to Anna B. Thompson, wife of Stephen Banks who was Peter’s brother)

  • Born: 28 Nov 1858 in AL
  • Died: 29 Oct 1925 in Shawnee, OK
  • Buried: at Fairview Cemetery, Shawnee, OK
  • Find-a-Grave: 39751276

Occupation: Peter was a medical doctor. He graduated from The University of Kentucky in 1891 and appears on numerous death certificates in Morgan Co. Source: A History of Morgan County Alabama by John Knox, pg 212.

Died: 8 Jan 1923 in Shawnee, OK

Buried: Fairview Cemetery, Shawnee, OK


  1. Robert Banks Bradley (M, 1877, AL)
  2. Mahaza Annie Bradley (F, 1879, AL)
  3. James Edward Bradley (M, 1881, AL)
  4. Frances Estelle “Fannie” Bradley (F, 1886, AL)


1877 Peter purchases property at Mt. Tabor. See the record in the documents below. If you know how to read the record, the plots are T.7S, R.3W, Section 8. James Barefoot’s land is W1/2 of NE1/4 and Peter is next door at E1/2 of NW1/4. You can download the pdf of the necessary map here. Once on the page, click on Morgan Co. The map is layered and takes a few seconds to draw, but it is zoom-able. The grid is laid out as expected with Townships up the left side and Ranges across the bottom. Sections are numbered. The section you are looking for has “Bethlehem Church” in it. Each section is quartered (giving you a NW1/4, a NE1/4, a SW1/4, and a SE1/4. These quarters are then usually quartered, but may be sold in halves north or south. So if you find section 8, the NE1/4 is divided in half along the north-south axis. The western result of this is the W1/2, or James Barefoot’s property. To the immediate West is the E1/2 of the NW1/4. This is Peter’s.

1890 – Peter and Sallie joined Mt Tabor Methodist Church, Morgan Co, AL along with Peter’s mother, Mahaza, and Peter’s two children, Robert Banks and Mahaza A. Peter and his family (not including mother, Mahaza) later transferred to Falkville Methodist Church, Morgan Co, AL. (see booklet by Ward in documents below)

25 Jun 1892 – Peter sold the property he purchased in 1877 (see above). Since this is also about the time the Bradleys started leaving for Texas, there’s a good chance this is when Peter left for OK.


  • 1860 Federal Census – Lowndes Co, AL (James Banks Household)
  • 1870 Federal Census – Sumter Co, SC (Stephen Banks Household)
  • 1876 Marriage License (Positive Image) – Morgan Co, AL
  • 1876 Marriage License (Negative Image – a bit easier to read) – Morgan Co, AL
  • 1877 Land Purchase – Morgan Co, AL
  • 1880 Federal Census – Morgan Co, AL (Peter Bradley Household)
  • 1890 in Morgan Co according to Booklet on Mt Tabor Methodist Church by Marie Lynch Ward
  • 1900 Federal Census – Indian Territory, Chickasaw Nation (Peter Bradley Household)
  • 1910 Federal Census – Coal Co, Oklahoma (Peter Bradley Household)
  • 1920 Federal Census – Pontotoc Co, Oklahoma (Peter Bradley Household)
  • Hafner, Arthur Wayne, ed. Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929: a genealogical guide to over 149,000 medical practitioners providing brief biographical sketches drawn from the American Medical Association’s Deceased Physician Masterfile. Chicago: American Medical Association, 1993.



5 Responses to Peter Cassidy Bradley

  1. Pat Hall says:

    What is this information that Peter was adoped by James and Mahaza Bradley?

    • Pat, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. I don’t see any reference on this page to Peter being adopted. Can you be more specific?

      • Pat Hall says:

        On a couple of family trees on the owner says that Peter Cassidy Bradley was adopted by James and Mahaza when he was about 9 years old. I am working on a friends genealogy and possibly using the Boykin line for a DAR application so when I found this website I thought I would get input on this fact.

  2. Pat, I’ve never seen anything to suggest he was adopted. And I’ve been through quite a bit of stuff. If you find any evidence, I would really appreciate you sharing it with me. I will say that family trees on are notoriously inaccurate and full of error.

    • Pat Hall says:

      I know how bad some of them are but the fact that in the 1860 census there is a P. B. (female) listed but no male listed – and, yes I know they missed people but that question still can haunt you. I will probably use another line for the DAR app. as all of the other applicants used James Barefoot as the child from James Banks and the question is there. I will probably not pursue the adoption issue as my main focus is to find a provable Patriot. You have a nice website and it is good to share. If anything else comes up, I will be happy to hear about it.

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