Lenora Florella Bradley

[James Banks, Thomas]

Born: 24 Aug 1839 AL

Married: George Sinkler Rhame

  • Born: 3 Sept 1835
  • Died: 5 Nov 1905
  • Buried: Quaker Cemetery, Camden, Kershaw Co, SC
  • Find-a-grave: 61628069


Died: 17 May 1891

Buried: Quaker Cemetery, Camden, Kershaw Co, SC.

Children: (names taken from the 1880 census are hard to read, so these are my best guess)

  1. Sumter Rhame (M, 1860, SC)
  2. Elizabeth Rhame (F, 1866, SC)
  3. Olive Rhame (F, 1870, SC)
  4. Minnie Rhame (F, 1872, SC)
  5. John Edward Rhame (M, 1875, SC)
  6. Fino Rhame (F, 1876, SC)
  7. Boykin Rhame (M, 1879, SC)


The 1880 census below shows a George S Rhame married to an LF. This is scant evidence to go on, but several items on this census point to LF being Lenora. First, she and her parents have the correct birthplace. Second, Kershaw Co is the county in which her father was born (James Banks). Third, her mother’s maiden name is Boykin, and LF has a child named Boykin. Fourth, LF also has a child named Elizabeth, which is Lenora’s older sister. Although this is a common name, such coincidence does lend some weight. Fifth, LF’s age is correct to the year. So while I’ll hold it loosely, it appears to me that this is our Lenora.

Update (27 Aug 2011): I just found a death certificate for the son of George Sinclair Rhame and Lenora Bradley, who was born and died in Camden, Kershaw Co, SC. This evidence confirms in my mind that our Lenora Bradley, daughter of James Banks, has been found. With this information I’m going to pursue this line and see how much I can find.



James Banks Family Bible (1/2)


4 Responses to Lenora Florella Bradley

  1. Ken Samento says:

    7-George Sinkler RHAME (3 Sep 1835-5 Nov 1905)
    > sp: Lenora Florella BRADLEY (24 Aug 1840-17 May 1891)
    > 8-Joseph Sumter RHAME (10 Dec 1860-14 Mar 1924)
    > 8-Elizabeth Theresa RHAME (1864-1892)
    > 8-Olive Zurlene RHAME (1869-1935)
    > 8-Minnie RHAME (b. 9 Sep 1872)
    > 8-John Edward RHAME (1875-1935)
    > 8-Tinnie Octavia RHAME (1877-1933)
    > 8-Boykin Wilson RHAME (24 Jan 1879-22 Dec 1932)
    > 8-George Ashby RHAME (24 Sep 1881-16 Jul 1927)

  2. Thanks Ken!

    I’m on some family vacation right now, but will update this when I get back. Do you have any documentation for your dates?

  3. Lenora Florella Bradley is my grandfather’s grandmother. Lenora Florella Bradley’s granddaughter is still alive.

  4. Blake Ford says:

    Robert Lowry Rhame Sr. is my Grandfather. His Father was Boykin Wilson Rhame-son of Lenora and George. I grew up in Camden, SC and now live in Columbia, SC. Thanks for the Website and the Bradley Project. Great Work!

    Semper Fi,
    Blake Ford

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