George Ray Bradley

[George Todd, James Byron, James Barefoot, James Banks, Thomas]

Born: 22 Sept 1926 in Kerens, Navarro Co, TX

Married: 13 Mar 1946 in Kerens, Navarro Co, TX to Living Beasley

Occupation: Spent most of his adult life in auto parts sales, traveling all over Texas and later the midwest, particularly for Hunter Engineering, selling front end alignment equipment. In retirement he taught at a local trade school and volunteered at the police department maintaining the police fleet in Garland, TX.

Died: 5 Sept 2006 in Garland, Dallas Co, TX.

Buried: Cremated remains interred at DFW National Cemetery.


  1. Living Bradley (M, 1952, TX)


[The following was written by one of George Ray’s grandsons prior to his death and confirmed by George Ray]

Born to George Todd Bradley and Louise Newell (Burleson) Bradley on September 22, 1926 at home in Kerens, Navarro County, Texas.  Lived in Kerens until graduation from Kerens High School.  Lettered in Football for three years.  Worked at the local picture show selling popcorn and running projector before high school making $2 a week.  Worked next at Bruner Chevrolet doing whatever odd job was needed.  Then worked for the post office as a special delivery man.  Promoted to relief city carrier with the post office.

Left Kerens to join the service in 1944.  Joined the US Navy before graduation and reported to San Diego for training after graduation.  Held over after training for 6 months in order to play football for the base team.  Departed Jan ’45 to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Left after a few weeks to sail to Guam.  Spent the remainder of the war assigned at Guam as a Seabee (Navy Engineer) and working all over the South Pacific.  George Todd died at home in ’45.  George Ray was unable to return home due to the war and did not find out until a month after the funeral that he had died.  Also dead during the war were both of George Ray’s grandfather’s, Arthor A. Burleson and James Byron BradleyGeorge Ray was not aware of these deaths until returning home.  Returned home in late winter ’46.

Married March 13 1946 to Living Beasley at Kerens in the Methodist Preacher’s House. (Rev. Maggart B. Howell) George Ray reported to New Orleans and then was sent to Camp Wallace (Galveston/Houston area) to be discharged.  George Ray and Living Beasley lived in Kerens while George Ray worked for Mr. Vernon Bruner at Bruner Chevrolet as all sorts of management – service, parts, etc.  Left that job to work for Leach Auto Supply out of Dallas in 1947.  This moved George Ray and his wife to Gainesville, Texas.  Transferred to Corsicana in ’48 and in ’51 moved to Kaufman.

Joined the Army Reserves as a SGT in 1947.  Was later commissioned. Served in the Field Artillery and was promoted to the rank of Captain. 133 FA Bn (105mm, towed) C Btry, 36 ID.  Served in any and all capacities to include S4, Forward Observer, Battery XO, BN Survey Officer, etc.  As Battery Commander, his battery earned best battery in the state (2 divisions, the 49th and the 36th) through inspections and gunnery scores.

Initiated into the Masonic Lodge at the age of 21 in 1947.  Made Third Degree (Master Mason) in three months.  Was awarded his 50 Year pin in 1997.  Was a brother in the Relief Lodge No. 236 in Kerens.  George Todd also belonged to this Lodge.

Had a son, Living Bradley in December, 1952.  Left Leach in ’63 to work for Bear (front end alignment manufacturer) and left Bear to work for Hunter (also front ends) in 1966.  George Ray worked as a salesman for Hunter travelling all over Texas.  His son graduated High School in 1971 and George and his wife moved to Garland, Texas.  Made National Account Executive over the Southwest Region in 1982.  Company reorganized and George Ray was made a Regional Manager, based out of Tulsa responsible for OK, AR, KS, MI, NE.  Retired from Hunter Engineering in 1986.

Still living in Garland, George Ray continued to work and volunteer around the city.  Taught mechanics and industrial arts at Cedar Valley College for five years (’86-’90).  Also helped VSA (Vogel Swagert Association) with front end alignment consulting and training from ’89 to ’95.  From ’94 to ’99 volunteered services to the Garland Police Department.  He was responsible for overseeing the proper maintenance of 65 police cruisers.

[This concludes the portion of the narrative confirmed by George Ray]

George Ray, known by his grandchildren and great grandchildren as Granddaddy, died in his home in Garland September 5, 2006 at the age of 79 from pancreatic cancer. His family was present with him in the home and immediately following. He will be remembered as a man of integrity and a hard worker. He was generous with those who had a need, not only financially, but with his time as well. He will be greatly missed by those generations blessed to have known him. He was survived by his wife, his son and daughter-in-law, as well as two grandsons and their wives, and two great grandsons.

1930 Federal Census [listed on this page because George Ray appears on this census as a grandson] shows George Todd, wife Louise, and son George Ray living with Louise’s family in Kerens, Navarro Co, TX. The head of household is her father, Arthur Alfred Burleson. It reads: Arthur A Burleson, home owner, home worth $3000, the family does not live on a farm, male, white, 56 years old, married at the age of 19, not attending school, can read and write, born in TX, both parents born in the United States, speaks English, occupation is Farmer, general farming, class of worker is “O”, was at work the day before the census taker arrived, is not a veteran; Mattie Burleson, wife, female, white, 55 years old, married at the age of 18, not attending school, can read and write, born in TX, both parents born in the United States, speaks English; George Bradley, son-in-law, male, white, 25 years old, married at age 21, not attending school, can read and write, born in Texas, and both parents born in Texas [this is a mistake, possibly caused by AA and Mattie both being born in TX – actually George Todd’s father was born in AL and mother was born in TX], speaks English, is a mechanic in a garage, class of worker is “W”, was at work the day before the census taker arrived, is not a veteran; Sousie Bradley [mistake: Louise], daughter, female, white, 23 years old, married at age 21, not attending school, can read and write, born in TX, both parents born in TX, speaks English; George R Bradley, male, white, 3 years and 7 months old, single, not attending school, born in TX, both parents born in TX.




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