Dollie “Dolly” Frances Bradley

[James Barefoot, James Banks, Thomas]

Born: 1 Jun 1881, (Morgan Co?), AL

Married: Henry Douglas Henson

  • Born: 3 Jun 1874 at Kemp, Kaufman Co, TX
  • Died: 13 Oct 1948 at Galveston, Galveston Co, TX
  • Buried: Shiloh Cemetery, Lively, Kaufman Co, TX
  • Find-a-Grave: 18350028


Died: 1 Aug 1951, Kemp, Kaufman Co, TX

Buried: Shiloh Cemetery, Lively, Kaufman Co, TX


  1. Odessa Henson (F, 1898, TX) [doubtful]
  2. James Marvin Henson (M, 1902, TX)
  3. Delia M. Henson (F, 1904, TX)
  4. Authur Henson (M, abt 1907, TX)
  5. Opal Henson (F, abt 1913, TX)
  6. Lulie Henson (F, abt 1916, TX)
  7. Gladys Henson (F, abt 1922, TX)


First it should be noted: Because of the loss of the 1890 census, and Dollie’s 1881 birthdate, she does not appear on any census in the household of James Barefoot. All our census records show her at home with Henry Douglas Henson.

Here’s something funny. For the last few months, as often as I came across the 1900 Federal Census for Barefoot and family, I couldn’t help but think that the Dolly at the top of the second page is Barefoot’s daughter. Of course, the fact that this Dolly is married to Andrew Jackson would seem to argue against this. But the fact that I can’t find Dollie anywhere else in 1900; the fact that this Dolly is wedged between her father’s household and her brother’s; the fact that she’s the right age; the fact that she’s born in Alabama and lists her parents as born in SC; the fact that she has precisely the child we’d expect her to have in 1900 (a one year old girl named “Dessy”…her oldest was named Odessa) all point to this being our girl. So what’s with the “Andrew Jackson”? Was someone being funny?

Added 11/2/16: I can’t recall where I found information that Dolly’s oldest was Odessa. On the 1910 census she has three children, none of them Odessa. And she indicates that she has only given birth to three children, all of whom are alive. And yet Odessa, who appears on the questionable 1900 census, would only be 11 years old at the time. This leads me to believe that the Dolly on the 1900 census is either not our Dolly, or she is not Andrew Jackson’s wife and the child Odessa is not her child. Until such time as I am able to show that she had a child named Odessa, it should be assumed to be incorrect information.




7 Responses to Dollie “Dolly” Frances Bradley

  1. Henry D Parson, Sr. says:

    My grandmother, Dolly Henson, was a Bradley. Her family is buried
    at Trinidad. She is no way ken to Andrew Jackson and she was
    never a BARFOOT! The whole “clan” moved to Galveston in early
    1940-44. If you would desire further family info, please let me

  2. Henry D Parson, Sr. says:

    Under the Henry Douglas Henson, please add my mother
    Celia Myrtle Henson. Also, I am not familiar or have never heard
    Odessa Henson mentioned in my family.
    Henry D Parson, Sr.

  3. Henry D Parson, Sr. says:

    All of Henry and Dolly Henson’s children have passed away.
    Henry D Parson, Sr.

  4. Henry, thanks for your comments. A couple of things…

    I am aware that Dolly was a Bradley. You will see that I have named her such at the top of the page. When I speak of “Barefoot” above, I am not using a surname, I’m using her father’s middle name to distinguish him from the other “James” in the family, of which there are several.

    As for the reference to Andrew Jackson, I’m referring to the 1900 census. I can’t find Dolly anywhere on the 1900 census. However, there is a Dolly, her age, living between two Bradleys (both relatives of our Dolly) on the 1900 census. The way the census were taken at the time was door to door. So she is literally living between two Bradleys. I would be certain this is her except for the husband in the household which is listed as Andrew Jackson. So, I’m not saying this is her. I’m just saying it’s possible (and maybe “Andrew Jackson” was simply a joke or Mr. Henson being a trouble maker and refusing to answer the census taker’s question – the census takers made mistakes – sometime folks weren’t home and next door neighbors gave the census information and got it wrong or intentionally gave misinformation). I put it on this page so I wouldn’t have to go searching for it later.

    As for Odessa, I can’t recall where I got that information, but I’ll keep tracking it down. I wouldn’t have put it on this page if I hadn’t confirmed it. I believe she died in infancy, which may explain why you never heard of her. If I can confirm that, then I am confident the Dolly on the 1900 census is our Dolly, and that “Andrew Jackson” is a mistake or intentional misinformation.

  5. Henry, it’s also possible that Dolly is living with “Andrew Jackson” as a nanny for the child and was incorrectly identified as his wife. Looking at the 1910 census, she has three children and indicates that they are the only three she has given birth to, so likely there is no Odessa, as you said.

    Also, can you clarify, is your mother, Celia, the daughter of Henry Douglas Henson and Dolly Bradley? If so, can you please provide her birth year? Thanks!

  6. Henry D Parson, Sr. says:

    Celia M Henson, my mother was born: 5-19-1916, died: 10-13-1995.
    She is buried at Forest Park East, Webster, TX, in my brother’s plot,
    next to mine. To whom am I emailing? I don’t know sempereformata! Henry D. and Dolly Henson have two children
    buried next to them at Shiloh.

  7. Henry, my name is Matt Bradley. I’m the creator and manager of this website.

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