Cora Lee Bradley

[James Barefoot, James Banks, Thomas]

Born: 25 Aug 1877 in Morgan Co, AL

Married: Augustus Debois Jackson

  • Born: 1868
  • Died: 31 Mar 1920
  • Buried: Trinidad City Cemetery, Trinidad, Henderson Co, TX
  • Find-a-Grave: 39963876

Married: Hendricks


Died: 25 Nov 1922 in Trinidad, Henderson Co, TX

Buried: Trinidad City Cemetery, Trinidad, Henderson Co, TX


  1. Odessa Jackson (F, 1897, TX)
  2. Maud May Jackson (F, 1904, TX)
  3. William Byron Jackson (M, 1906, TX)
  4. Claude Frederick Jackson (M, 1910, TX)
  5. Lola Bell Jackson (F, 1911, TX)


Two issues raise questions in my mind about our research on Cora. First, we have a death cert and a grave site naming her as Hendricks. However, she died only two years after AD Jackson. While remarriage after Jackson’s death isn’t implausible, it would be somewhat out of the ordinary to remarry so quickly after Jackson’s death, especially if she wasn’t in great health (her death cert says she died of diabetes, which is rarely a sudden cause of death). Is it possible she was divorced from Jackson before his death? A marriage record for Hendricks would be helpful here.

The second thing is that we have Cora living at home in 1900 with a marital status indicated as “single”. Furthermore, there is no Odessa listed with her on that census. However, the one census we have Odessa on indicates she would have been born around 1897 or 1898. Not sure how to reconcile this. Even considering a child born out of wedlock, you’d still expect the child to show upon the census with her mother. One possible explanation is that the 1900 census is in error. In fact, relative to many other census records I’ve studied, this one is in fact terribly inaccurate. Ages are off by as much as 7 years (getting more accurate with the younger children). This is also the census that names Byron as the wife of Lula and has Thomas living at home. So we shouldn’t put too much weight on it. But since I can’t find Cora and Augustus on a 1900 census, it does appear strange.

Anyone know the story here?




One Response to Cora Lee Bradley

  1. I am a great granddaughter of Cora Lee Bradley and a granddaughter of Odessa Jackson Bradley. Cora was married to Augustus until his death. After her death, the children lived with Odessa and Fred Johnston.To my knowledge, My grandmother, was born in wedlock. I have inherited wonderful old photos and beautiful stories. This family was close knit and I was so fortunate to grow up close with them.

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