Horace Bradley Bynum

[Ellis Jack, James Byron, James Barefoot, James Banks, Thomas]

Born: 2 Aug 1923

Married: Carol Joyce Cochran

  • Born: 8 Aug 1931
  • Died: 1 Nov 1955
  • Buried: Llano Cemetery, Amarillo, TX
  • Find-a-Grave: 19070965


Died: 1 Nov 1955

Buried: Llano Cemetery, Amarillo, TX



Brad was a veteran of both WWII and Korea. He flew P-51s over Europe. When not flying for the Air Force, he was a geologist for an oil company.

On November 1, 1955, he boarded a United Airlines flight out of Denver with his wife and unborn child. Not long after takeoff the plane exploded and crashed with no survivors. A subsequent investigation revealed that a man had placed his mother on board with 25 sticks of dynamite and a 90 minute timer. He was angry with his mother and in financial straights, so he planned to collect the life insurance he had purchased against her death. This man, Jack Graham, was caught within the month. Tried the following Spring, he was found guilty and in 1957 was executed in Colorado in the gas chamber. He never expressed any remorse.

George Ray Bradley, Brad’s cousin, identified his body.

You can read a very well documented account of the tragedy here.




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