And I Found Elizabeth!

It’s amazing how taking a long time off and coming back to your data can help you see with fresh eyes.

In re-reading some entries below, I noticed that I had a suspicion that a neighbor of Lenora Florella (third daughter of James Banks) might be her sister. They were next door neighbors and the Elizabeth on that 1860 census is Britton. She has four children. One is a girl named Judson (her sister Zeno’s middle name) and another is a girl named Florella (her sister Lenora’s middle name). This is too much coincidence to be ignored.

So I’m going to begin looking for this family in earnest today. I think, though, that we can say we have accounted for all of James Banks’ children.

UPDATE: Well, this has never happened to me in my research before. It looks like this family is recorded twice on the same census. Here is what I have. From the census book, Bradlford Springs, Sumter County, SC on the 30th of August 1860, enumerated by Rob Fraser, page 72:

First is the Rhames Family (George and Lenora), then:

Thomas S Britton, 28, M, Farmer, 500, 400, SC
Elizabeth Britton, 24, F, SC
Judson B. “, 9, F, SC
Henry G. “, 7, M, SC
Maconsio “, 3, F, SC
Florilla H. “, 6/12, F, SC

Then on page 103 (?) on the 23rd of August on the same census, living right next door to Zeno Love Bradley, her aunt (who, get this, was previously married to a Britton), we find:

Thomas Britton, 29, M, Farmer, 100, SC
Elizabeth Britton, 23, F, SC
Judson “, 7, F, SC
Green “, 3, M, SC
McCronies “, 2, F, SC

It’s easy to assume that in at least one case a neighbor was giving the census taker their information. This explains the minor discrepancies. Then when they were present (perhaps visiting family?) and the same census taker came along, they provided the correct information. I’m inclined to believe that the first set of data above is correct, since it is more precise and complete.


I found a widow applying for pension that looks promising. She is Sarah E. Britton, widow of ST Britton, living in Haynesville,  Lowndes County, Alabama (we have a connection with her brother living there as well, though not at the same time). She says on the application (made between 1893 and 1895) that her husband died in the Civil War, fighting as a private in the South Carolina Volunteer Infantry.


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