I found Mariah C Bradley!

Among James Banks children, two daughters have been a bear to find. But I realized re-reading the 1860 census for the family today that Mariah has been under my nose all along. She is living with the family and her last name is Logan! She has two children, also named Logan. With this in hand I’m going to begin the search and hopefully will have good news soon.

UPDATE: All the usual searches aren’t turning anything up, but “Logan” rang a bell for me and then it hit me – There is a Logan on page 2 of the transcription of the family Bible pages (see the images at the bottom of James Banks Bradley’s page). I looked and it is Maria E. Logan. She is listed as Mahaza R. Bradley’s sister and she died in 1851. This is confirmed by the Boykin genealogy. On the one hand, we know these two people are not the same. Maria E. died in 1851. Mariah (or Maria) C is alive for the 1860 census. We might also assume that Mariah C was named after her mom’s sister. But how did Mariah C. end up a Logan just like Mahaza’s sister? Could be a coincidence, or it could be that Mariah married into the same family as Mahaza’s sister.

It’s not much, but I’m putting this information out there in case the few of you following are interested in doing some of your own research.

UPDATE TWO: I meant to add that in 1850 Mariah is still living at home. And in 1860 she is home with her family with two children of her own and named Logan. So, while not necessary, it may be that Logan died, abandoned, or divorced her. If this is the case, their entire marriage was between census records. So unless a marriage record exists, or perhaps property documents, we may never find out more.

Also, although Mariah is with her family in Alabama in 1860, both her children (ages 3 and 1) are listed as born in SC. If this is correct, several possibilities should be kept in mind. Either Mariah was only visiting from SC when the census taker came through, or she had recently lost her husband (by one means or another) and moved out to AL to join her family. The other point is that her entire marriage is likely to have taken place in SC since both children were born there.


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