Day Two

Nothing to report today. We spent the day looking for the Kirkpatricks, which are on my mom’s side. They were also in this area – Chester Co, so we spent all our time there. We found some probate documents and such. Not a bad day. But there was no Bradley work. Tomorrow we’re going back to the Camden Archives to purchase some census records (1810, 1820, and 1830 Kershaw Co Federal). They’ve been typed up and are much easier to read. We’re also going to look there for the Antioch Baptist Church book. Then we’re going to stop by the Revolutionary War Park here in Camden and get pics of the Bradley House (relocated from the land of John Bradley, who may or may not be a relation). Then we’re heading out to the Antioch Baptist Church were Thomas and Sarah were members. From there we’re going back down to Sumter to snoop around a bit more.

I’ll post again tomorrow night whether there’s anything exciting to report or not.


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