Day One, Last Installment

A couple more items…

Jennie Merritt (who apparently did a ton of research on our Bradleys in the 1970s and 1980s) left a bunch of research in the Archives in Sumter. It is all handwritten and not organized. Sometimes there is information with no reference to where it came from. It has been a great help nonetheless.

Among her handwritten notes I found this:

Antioch Baptist Notes

If you click you will see that there is a Thomas and Sarah Bradley in membership at Antioch Baptist Church. They are on the rolls as of 30 June, 1827. Then on 6 Oct 1827 Thomas Bradley is baptized.

Apparently they left, and Sarah is back on the roll in 1842. Now here is what I love about that little fact: Thomas and Sarah moved along with James Banks and Mahaza to Alabama in about 1834. But they moved back to SC, specifically Sumter Co, between 1841 and 1843. So Sarah would indeed be rejoining the church about now. She is still in membership in ’46 and ’53 as well.

The last tidbit from today isn’t new data, but a good story. Here’s a page that, once again, I believe to be written by Jennie Merritt. She is describing finding the grave of Mahaza in 1976! You’ve got to read this for yourself. It’s just a sentence, but it tells a story. My take away is this: Folks have been working on our genealogy for a long time! And they have worked harder in tougher circumstances than we find ourselves fighting. I hope to find more tomorrow and post about that as well!

Finding Mahaza


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