Day One, cont’d

Besides the family Bible discovery, we found a bill of sale for property being sold by Thomas Bradley. Now let me very quickly tell you what I think I know about Thomas. This Thomas is as far back as we have gotten. He was born about 1793 in South Carolina, married a woman named Sarah (who we think might have been a Banks), appears as the only Thomas in Kershaw County on the 1820 and 1830 census records, and is the father of James Banks (according to James Banks’ tombstone), who was born in Kershaw Co, SC in 1816. What we found today was an 1830 record, as well as handwritten references to several sales in the 1820s which I haven’t yet tracked down original documentation for. Without further ado, here is the front and back of the record…

(click on the thumbnail, then click on the word “permalink”, then click on the image to get it full sized)

In brief, here are the key bits of interest. Thomas Bradley of Kershaw Co is selling some land to a Col Thomas English. Since census records only show one Thomas Bradley in the county at this time, I believe he is the same, and is our Thomas. The surveyor for this land is Stephen H Boykin, the father of Mahaza, wife of James Banks. In the description of the land, part of it was originally surveyed for Burwell Boykin and Peter Cassity. Now James Banks will later name one of his boys Peter Cassidy Bradley – so I can’t help thinking we just found the person for whom he was named. Finally, when you look at the back, you see that Thomas’ wife also had to sign and swear. Her name is Sarah Bradley! So we have a Thomas and Sarah (the only one we can find) living in Kershaw Co in 1830 and associated with Stephen H Boykin and Peter Cassity. I think that’s a fun find and has some significance. To be honest, the only place we had Thomas and Sarah’s names together before now was James Banks’ headstone, and I was beginning to wonder if it was wrong!

More to come…


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