Still here…

Despite the length between posts, I am still here and still working on genealogy. This summer I wasn’t able to travel, and the Bradley line is researched to the point that I must travel or pay a genealogist to do the work. In the meantime, I’ve been working on other lines in my family that need work and which can be easily researched online. If you are just getting started doing your own research you will find the following four online resources invaluable:

  1. – get a paid account.
  2. – this is a brilliant idea that is well executed. Find graves all over the country and add your own family members if they aren’t already in the database. Graves can be linked by relationship and photos added.
  3. – not only a free alternative to record searches on, but I have found sometimes provides records I couldn’t find on ancestry. Best to use both sites in tandem and cover more bases.
  4. genforum – the more people who read this and post the more likely we are to find one another. There is good participation, but the more the better.
All four of these have links provided in the column to the right on this page.
If you’re researching the same Bradleys and haven’t been in touch with me, please send a note. Perhaps we can compare research and cover each other’s gaps! Our Bradley (as far back as we can go) started in SC, moved back and forth to Alabama, and then finally split into three groups. The largest group went to Texas. The other two groups went to Indianapolis, IN and Oklahoma City, OK. Our current patriarch is a Thomas Bradley (married to Sarah – we think Banks) born in SC in the late 1700s.

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