Lenora Bradley

One of our oldest known Bradley’s is James Banks. He had 4 daughters which have mostly eluded us. We have part of Zeno’s story, but it is an odd story. Until now all I had for her sister, Lenora, was an 1880 census record in which she appeared to be married to George Rhame. But she was listed as LF Rhame. I’m not even sure how I ever found it. But much on the record indicated it was her. Today I found a death certificate for a John Edward Rhame with parents listed as George Sinclair Rhame and Lenora Bradley. So I think we found Lenora. They appear to have spent their entire married lives in the Camden SC area, so I’m hoping to be able to find more census records and such to flesh out her narrative. If you have some time, check out the following four sisters and see if you have more information than I do on any of them. If so, please send it along!

  1. Elizabeth “Betsy” Bradley
  2. Mariah Bradley
  3. Lenora Florella Bradley
  4. Zeno Bradley
Rather than link to each (which I admit would make it easier for you!) please go to the Index link in the header above, select James Banks from the list, and you will see each of them listed and linked.

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