Bradley Family Reunion and an Update

If you’re a Bradley in northeast Texas, chances are you’re related to my clan. Many will be getting together for a Bradley family reunion on August 7th at the Brookshire (that’s Brooksures for those not from East Texas) Recreation Area at Lake Palestine (and that’s Palesteen, also for those not from “here”). If you’re descended from James Barefoot and Celia Ann Wilson Bradley then come on out.

As for this site and my work, I have my denomination’s annual meeting next week (we Presbyterians call it “General Assembly”). After that I plan on getting back into my summer research with a vengeance. As I’ve said before, I hope to travel a bit this summer. My goal is to find our elusive Thomas Bradley and Sarah Bradley (nee Banks?). They are my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents. I suspect, based on family lore, that they or their parents are our family’s first generation in this country. It sure would be neat to nail that down.

So stay tuned. As I did last summer, I’ll post here to let you know as I update the site. And your information and help are always welcome!


5 Responses to Bradley Family Reunion and an Update

  1. jan banks says:

    wonder if that’s where my dna connects with the bradley’s hugssssssssss jan

  2. Jan,

    Can’t recall if I emailed you or not. I think if we’re related it is indeed through Sarah. I don’t have any documentation, but another relative of mine doing family research said she was told by a Banks family researcher that Sarah was indeed a Banks. I had suspected as much and hope this summer to track down the documents to establish that she was for sure.

  3. Mary Lou Posey Lock says:

    No, I am Mary Lou Posey Lock, daughter of Vivian Cornelia Bradley, daughter of James Byron and Leona Todd Bradley. She was married twice. To James Andrew Posey from Kerens, Texas and later to George Henton Boggus from Gordon, Texas. I am gathering divorce and marriage certificates now. I am married to James Curtis Lock, Houston Co.,Texas and we have a daughter Sarah Lynn Lock and a son James Michael Lock. I don’t know about this other Sarah. Keep up the good work. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you. Your granddad George Ray was a special cousin and like a brother to me. Have a happy andjoyous new year.

  4. John Bradley says:

    this is John B. Bradley III the FA Captain you mention on one of your pages. I am stationed in Okinawa, Japan now.

    Has there been any new information on Thomas Bradley? Has anyone made the link?


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