Calling All James Byron Descendants

If you’re descended from James Byron Bradley, we need help with three things:

1) Please review the information we have to ensure it is correct. You probably know better than anyone the vital information for your line.

2) Send me whatever corrections or information I’m missing, so we can complete your line from James Byron.

3) Send me whatever documentation you can (especially birth, marriage, and death certificates) in order to document the information. You can send me originals and I will send them back to you quickly. Or you can have your originals scanned and email them to me. Or you can photocopy them (color if possible) and mail them to me. However you do it, please get them to me. This is an important part of the project, so please help out! If I have to contact the county myself, the cost of getting copies adds up quickly, and often they will not release copies to me if I am not a direct descendant, so I need your help!

In the long term there is one more thing: photos. If you have pictures, please select your favorites and send them to me (same options as the documents). I’m pretty well set up for my line (George Ray, George Todd, James Byron). But Papa Bradley’s other children I have very few photos of (and in some cases, no photos at all). So feel free to send those along as well, properly labeled.

My goal is to have the descendants of James Byron completely documented on this site by the end of the year.

For those that are not descendants of Byron, but are descended from Banks or Barefoot, please feel free to contribute as well! Just because Byron is the focus doesn’t mean I’m not always looking for info on the rest of the family!


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