One more welcome…

To all those visiting for the first time after finding out about the site at the big Bradley family reunion…Welcome!

To get around the site: Click on the Bradley Index above and then find the person you’re looking for or that person’s nearest relative (if the one you want isn’t in the list). Once on that person’s page, you can click on one of their ancestors listed just below their name at the top, or click on one their children in the list below their vital statistics.

To add info or make corrections: Either leave a comment on the page you wish to correct or add info to; OR, send me a note at sempereformata [at] In either case, I’ll update the page as soon as possible. Keep in mind that nothing on the site is absolutely set in stone. If you believe there is an error, just let me know. If you have documented evidence for the correct info, let me know what it is.

This site is a long-term project to document as much as possible about the descendants of James Banks Bradley. If you have photos, documents, etc, please feel free to scan them and send them along. Or, you can mail them to me and I will scan them and send them back to you.

For a glimpse of what I hope all the pages on this site will eventually look like, check out James Byron’s page, or George Todd’s.

And once again, welcome!


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