If you haven’t used Find-a-Grave yet, it’s a great resource. There aren’t a lot of our Bradley’s in the database, but I have found a few. So I’m creating “memorials” for each Bradley in our tree that doesn’t already have one. I’ve also had several folks “transfer ownership” of memorials they created for our ancestors. There’s a feature on Find-a-Grave that allows you to link memorials based upon relationship (you can indicate spouse and parents). In this way, burial records are tied together in a tree type format. The advantage is that anyone trying to find family on Find-a-Tree will potentially only have to find one person and they will then have access to everyone else in their tree. So I’m getting our family set up accordingly.

I’ve also begun to index Find-a-Grave to this site by supplying a link from each person’s page to their Find-a-Grave page. You can see an example on James Byron’s page.

In other grave site news, there is a great list of interments for Trinidad Cemetery at the link I’ve added in my helpful websites list to the left (Trinidad City Cemetery). You have to scroll down after clicking the link to get to the list, but it appears pretty complete (moreso than Find-a-Grave at this time). I’ve taken that list and modified it a bit so that it only includes our family, and each name is annoted to show how the person is related. Currently I have 50 names on the list of Bradleys and their spouses buried at Trinidad City. If you’d like a copy of this word doc, please send me an email.


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