A few of you might just be finding out about this website. Welcome! Make sure you click on the “How to Navigate This Site” link above. To get started quick, though, click on the “Bradley Index” link above and just find whoever you’re looking for. A few things first, though…

First, this site has only been up a couple of weeks. I’ve got a lot of work left to do. My goal, when finished, is to have every deceased descendant of James Banks Bradley on the site (we don’t post living person information). But we’re a long way from that right now. Please be patient as I get even the information I already have posted and organized.

Second, the most helpful thing you can do is find the person you’re most recently descended from and begin feeding me information about your line from that point. While any information is appreciated, right now I’m focused on just getting the basics: birth, marriage, children, death (with dates and names for each). I’d also like to document each person with a death certificate at a minimum. Of course, feel free to send along pics, anecdotes, and other documentation as well.

I’m glad you’re here. Please feel free to pitch in and help us get this thing filled out. I believe that this web site can become a great resource for all of us descended from James Banks Bradley. Short of the apocalypse, it should be around for many years!

One more thing: To get an idea of what a nearly completed “household” page looks like, make sure to visit George Ray Bradley, George Todd Bradley, or James Byron Bradley (choose their names from the “Bradley Index” page).


3 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Ann Rounsavall says:

    Just wanted to let you know, I haven’t even started going through the file yet, but I do have a charcoal of James Barfoot and Celia Ann Bradley that my grandmother, Lottie Bradley, wife of John Wesley Bradley, gave me years ago. I’ll go through and let you know of anything I can verify.

    • Thanks, Ann!

      Is there any chance I could get a scan of that charcoal to put on James Barefoot’s page? Or maybe you could take a digital photo of it and send me the photo?

      Any and all help is appreciated!

  2. Scott Bradley says:

    This is really awesome! I will follow up with my dad, Thomas Horace son of Tom Allen Bradley and get as much info as we have so that we can add to the site.

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