What a Week!

I took a few days off this week to drive south into Alabama and do a bit of research. Between the photos and notes my parents brought out and the work we did in the Morgan County Archives and Hartselle Library, I’ve got a lot of stuff to get organized and put on the site. Many of the photos are already up, but not all. I’ll try to add the others tomorrow. I’ve got some more of James Byron, in particular. I found a few more marriage licenses and a death certificate as well in Decatur (county seat for Morgan Co, AL). There were a few legal documents among the probate records, as well as dozens (and I’m not even a fifth of the way through the indices yet!) of records in the deed and mortgage records. Stephen Banks (son of James Banks) is the most prominent member of our family in Morgan Co by the 1890s, but James Barefoot and Celia also show up quite often up to September 1894, which I assume marks their departure to Texas. Anyway…lots of work to do cataloging what I’ve found as well as returning to Morgan Co to continue gathering what’s there. Hopefully I’ll find more on James Banks, including something substantial on his parents, Thomas and Sarah. There is also a Joel B Bradley that we may or may not be connected to. His family is well documented, but I’ve found no reference to his parents or connection between his offspring and our ancestors (although there is an intriguing transaction in the Deed and Mortgage records between a JM and Susan A Bradley and our Stephen Banks. Not sure who JM and Susan A are, but I suspect they are Joel B’s descendants. Anyway…need more time to sort that one out).

OK. That’s it for tonight!


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