The Bradleys and Allied Families of South Carolina

This work has been popping up in some of my reading lately, so I decided to track it down. There are only 200 copies in print, and one happens to be in the State Archives here in Nashville. I took my lunch hour today to run downtown and take a look. Although the book is fascinating and incredibly well documented (with photostats of all documents, including family Bibles and wills, etc), it does not provide any information on our family as we know it, or any connection for us to the particular Bradleys it is about. The work focuses on John Bradley, born in the late 17th century in Ireland or Scotland, and his sons (of whom there is a Thomas, a John, and a James). But I couldn’t find anything of interest to us.

I’m in contact with a John Bradley III who is descended from this John Bradley and who thinks he may know who our Thomas is. However, he’s a Field Artillery Captain stationed in Iraq right now (an interesting coincidence, since I was also a Captain in the Field Artillery), so as you can imagine, he’s a bit busy to be digging around in his files. I suspect, though, he’ll be a big help at some point.

There is a very well researched Thomas Bradley in SC born around 1785. For reasons I won’t take the time to explain, I’m not convinced this is our Thomas. However, he’s in the right place (at about the right time), so perhaps it is him. If we can connect him to James Banks, we will have gained 4 or 5 more generations going back into our family. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if he’s the right Thomas.


One Response to The Bradleys and Allied Families of South Carolina

  1. John Bradley says:

    This is the John Bradley FA CPT?

    Anything new in linking Thomas and John?

    How do I get in contact with you?

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