James Byron Bradley

I still have to write the narrative, but everything else is posted for James Byron and Leona Todd. I think we have the potential to gather a lot of photos if everyone who has anything pitches in. We have a good collection of documentation as well. If you have something not listed in the documentation, please pass it along.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the heart of the site is the family page. Each page (such as James Byron’s, for instance) constitutes a collection, on a single page, of everything we have or know about that person and his immediate family, including vital records, census data, and photos. And as I mentioned before, at the bottom of each page is a comments section. Use this section to discuss research on that person. this way everyone interested can participate in the dicussion, both gaining from and contributing to our knowledge of that person and his family.

The question is how to best link each of these pages in a logical family tree format. I love what ancestry does with their tree, but I can’t do that on this site. I tried linking to the tree I’ve created at ancestry.com, but you must have an account in order to view it, so only account holders would benefit. For now the list on the lower right of the home page is one way to link them logically. This will become unwieldy soon, though, and is likely to be dropped as a feature from the site.

I’ve also listed the progenitors at the top of each family page and the children in the list below that as hyperlinks, so you can navigate “up” or “down” the family tree from any family page in any direction. Together with the search feature and the Bradley page, I think this should be sufficient.

You all jump in with documents, photos, corrections, etc!


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