It goes without saying that I am “open for business” re: Thomas Bradley and James Banks Bradley. Please review both pages and let me know what I’m missing/wrong about. Each page has a “comments” section. We can interact there as a running, open discussion on each person and the research we’re doing on them.

Do you use a blog reader? If not, skip this paragraph. If you do, make sure to put this page in your reader so you’ll get automatic updates as often as I post.

Recommendations. It’s been suggested that we consider making this site private. In that case, each person would have to get permission to access the site (not on a per visit basis, but just once). The advantage to this is we can be more open with information. For example, we can post names of living people with less concern about privacy issues. The disadvantage is that first-time access to the site becomes a little cumbersome. Also, people that we may not know are out there looking for Bradley information (and therefore may have some helpful information to offer) will not benefit from our site. We may not even find out they are out there. I can go either way. What do you all think? In the meantime access is open to all and I will not be posting any information for living relatives. I will also cover up any SSNs before scanning vital documents.


2 Responses to Feedback

  1. Terea McCarthy says:

    Matthew you are awesome. You have really taken the bull by the horns and I think you won. I just got on the site today and it looks great. I’m so glad I have smart relatives who can do this sort of thing. Maybe one day I’ll learn more about how to make the computer really walk & talk.
    I do not have any problem with the site being open so others may also view it. Who knows who we may find.
    How long have you been working on genealogy?
    I found the site very friendly.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Thanks Terea!

    There’s a lot of work to do up front, but the real advantage will be once everyone begins to really take a careful look at what I’ve posted, add the info I’m missing, or start a discussion on conflicting info they may have.

    One of the lessons I’ve learned since starting genealogy (which was only a little over a month ago) is that the more information you have on someone, and the more accurate it is, the easier it is to find even more information on them and the generation just before and just after them. So I’m counting on everyone pitching in here.

    As for computer skills, most of what you see is done for me. I’m using a blog host (wordpress) that just sort of lets you pick and choose the parts you want. Once you learn to navigate wordpress, you can pretty much do any of the basic things I’ve done here. It helps to know a few html tags, but those are easy to learn. Let me know if you ever want to get started.

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